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A hit with a brand new view.

The second game shown today at Sony's State of Play presentation is Hitman 3, which showcased a new VR mode. Players will be able to step into the shoes of Agent 47 and play through the entire trilogy in VR when it launches on PlayStation VR in January 2021.

The cinematic announcement trailer for Hitman 3's VR mode has master assassin Agent 47 attending a fancy party full of socialites and artists. As he's about to have a drink, he spots his target and follows them into a back room, stopping only to ensure another man who passes by isn't watching. Agent 47 prepares to give the man a fiber wire strangling, and the trailer cuts out. There aren't many concrete details about this mode from the trailer, but the end of the trailer mentions that players will be able to play the entire 'World of Assassination' trilogy using VR.

Hitman 3, along with its VR mode, releases sometime in January 2021.

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A still from the Hitman 3 VR trailer.


Hitman 3 Announces a New VR Mode

A hit with a brand new view.

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