Horizon: Forbidden West Tremortusk Statue Looks Incredible

The Horizon Forbidden West Regalla Edition will feature intricate statues of both protagonist Aloy and the towering, mammoth-esque machine known as the Tremortusk. Horizon Forbidden West will be released next year, but the developers are already hard at work on the Tremortusk sculpture, and they're sharing a progress update on the results.

Horizon Forbidden West will be introducing a variety of intimidating foes, but the land-based machine Tremortusk stands out among them for its sheer size and allegedly indestructible armor. The Tremortusk is clearly modeled after an elephant – or rather, a mammoth – and it has been described as a lumbering fortress belonging to the combat class.

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A short video of the Tremortusk statue was recently shared to the official Twitter account of Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios. Apparently, the statue shown off here is just a prototype of the final version, but both the Tremortusk and the small accompanying statue of series protagonist Aloy already look quite impressive. While neither sculpture appears to have dimensions released as of writing, Hulst claims that the two of them will go front and center on his desk, which suggests they aren't quite as large as the video makes them appear.

The prototype Tremortusk statue features huge limbs, a long, grasping trunk, and bright paint splashed over its body. More importantly, this Tremortusk appears to have been tamed and upgraded by some of the potential enemies Aloy can encounter in the game, making this giant robot elephant even more dangerous than it already was. A cluster of what appears to be fortifications are visible over its back, and some of those bright reds seem to be indicating where an ominous crimson glow will emerge in the final piece. Whatever happened to this machine, it's probably wrapped up in the secrets of Horizon Forbidden West's Old Ones.

As of writing, while there seems to be some interest in the statue, most fans seem to be preoccupied with the Horizon Forbidden West PS5 upgrade controversy. Although PlayStation has since walked back its decision to not allow an upgrade path for Horizon Forbidden West, most replies to the tweet still contain demands for a PS5 upgrade path. Other users have provided feedback on which areas of the statue they would like to see improved or rendered with more detail, such as the fences around the fortifications on the Tremortusk's back. However, there are a few users who are clearly looking forward to getting their hands on the sculpture as part of the Regalla Edition.

Horizon Forbidden West will release for PS4 and PS5 on February 18, 2022.

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