How Firaxis made Marvel and XCOM mesh for Midnight Suns

The prospect of the celebrated XCOM team, Firaxis, making a Marvel-themed superhero strategy game is mouthwatering. Pairing a team of that talent with a licence of that appeal is inspired. All you have to do is substitute in superheroes, don’t you?

But what if it’s not so simple working with Marvel? That is a world-conquering entertainment brand that would have every right to be precious about its heroes and intellectual property. And what if the XCOM formula didn’t actually work very well with superheroes? Which self-respecting superhero would take cover in a battle, after all?

These are some of the many things Firaxis creative director Jake Solomon talks to Ian Higton about, as he details, openly and generously, the process of making Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The game will be released 7th October on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and PC. A Nintendo Switch version will be available at an unspecified later date.


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