How Long Does It Take To Finish Boyfriend Dungeon?

The main appeal of rogue-type games is their randomness, such as that found in Boyfriend Dungeon. Areas in this game and others like it are meant to be visited multiple times with the hopes of getting better loot and layouts with each try. The ultimate goal is to get to the end or bottom of each dungeon to find a legendary or take down a fearsome boss.

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In Boyfriend Dungeon, you’ll need to complete each dungeon as well as develop a relationship with the weapons in order to complete the story. However, if you know what you’re doing, you can get to the bottom of the Boyfriend Dungeon fairly quickly.

How Long Does It Take to Finish Boyfriend Dungeon?

  • If you're looking at just focusing on the main storyline, you can beat Boyfriend Dungeon in about five hours.
  • Of course, if you decide to do more optional content, such as pursuing different romances and grinding a lot, this can increase to eight hours.
  • For a full 100 percent completion run where you unlock all achievements/trophies, you're looking at just under ten hours.

Completing The Dungeons


There are two dungeons you’ll need to clear in order to beat the game: The Mall and the nightclub, La Rosa. The latter won’t unlock until you beat the boss of the first. Each dungeon has over 12 floors and you simply need to reach the stairs leading down to advance. Luckily, every couple of floors gives you access to an elevator that acts as a checkpoint so you can return to it later if you get knocked out.

Though there are some rooms that will lock you in until you clear all the enemies, most enemies can simply be avoided so you can make a beeline for the stairs. You can also access a shortcut by paying $5.00 to either a vending machine or ATM to go through the monster shop.

Building A Relationship


The other major aspect of the game is to build either romantic or platonic relationships with the weapons you meet. While you can pursue all of them in different ways, you only need to max out your Love Level with one of them in order to access the final area. Therefore, you can streamline the whole process by focusing only on one partner rather than splitting attention.

To build your Love Level quickly, take your partner into the dungeon frequently. This will raise your relationship and trigger more dates.

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