How Long Does It Take To Finish Humankind?

Like other 4X strategy games, a game of Humankind can last a while. There are countless ways to approach a game, ranging from militaristic to diplomatic, so playthrough times can really vary.

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Before jumping into your first game, you may be asking exactly how long it will take you to beat. Fortunately, we have answers. Let's take a look at how long it will take to beat one game of Humankind.

How Long Does It Take To Finish One Game?


There are different game modes available in Humankind, that vary by difficulty and turns. The standard length for a game is 300 turns, but as you set up a game, you will be able to increase this limit up to 600 turns. As expected, a 600 turn game will last longer than a 300 turn game.

In general, it takes the average player around 10 to 12 hours to finish a game. This will fluctuate based on your play style though. For example, a game will last less time if you prioritize building as quickly as possible and reaching the final turn. If you choose to engage in wars though, a game will take longer because you will be involved in several battles.

4X strategy games can be difficult to get the hang of if you have never played one before. To help with this, we have a handy beginner tips guide to help you win your first game of Humankind.

Can You Play After The Turn Limit?


Yes, you can! Similar to the Civilization games, you will be able to continue playing after a winner has been declared. If you choose to play after the turn limit, then another victory cannot be rewarded. For example, if another player wins with a fame victory, you will not be able to claim a science victory after the turn limit.

You can play endlessly after the turn limit, meaning that there is no maximum amount of time that a game of Humankind takes.

Overall, a game will take you as long as you need to finish it. It's important to know that in general, it will take a long time to reach the end. You may have a few false starts as you get the hang of the gameplay, but reaching the final era will take a while.

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