How To Beat Selene And Dag In Bravely Default 2

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Bravely Default 2 has dozens of bosses to fight and an intricate battle system that makes fighting them engaging, but sometimes challenging. The first boss fight of Bravely Default 2 is against Selene and Dag, who hold the Asterisks for White Mage and Vanguard. While not particularly difficult, boss fights need to be handled slightly differently than normal battles.

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You'll first encounter these two in the Outlaws' Hideout dungeon, trying to take the Wind Crystal from you. Let's go over these two bosses' attacks and weaknesses, the best jobs and equipment to use, and how you can beat them.

Selene and Dag Stats, Weaknesses, and Attacks


Selene and Dag's stats, weaknesses, and attacks are listed below.


HP 2,457
Type Humanoid
Weaknesses Fire, Sword, Bow
  • Abilities:
    • Protect: Grants a single party member a slight damage reduction to physical attacks
    • Shell: Grants a single party member a slight damage reduction to magical attacks
    • Healing Hands: Increases the caster's potency of healing abilities.
    • Cure: Restores some HP to a party member.


HP 3,822
Type Humanoid
Weaknesses Lightning, Dagger, Staff
  • Abilities:
    • Enrage: Forces an enemy to target the caster
    • Sword of Stone: Deals a large amount of physical earth damage to one enemy
    • Shield Bash: Deals physical earth damage to one enemy and slightly delays their next turn
    • Cross Cut: Attacks an enemy twice consecutively

Recommended Jobs and Equipment


Because this is the first boss fight, you will only have access to the Freelancer and Black Mage jobs, which you will have from the start of the game. We recommend keeping Elvis as a Black Mage, as he should have it leveled up a bit by this point. Everyone else should stay as a Freelancer. Their skill Treat will come in handy for healing on demand.

Alternatively, you can change one other party member to a Black Mage. This will help deal elemental damage to the bosses, which they are both weak to. You will lose out on some of the survivability of Freelancer, but you will do more damage overall.

Additionally, try to equip your party with a diverse set of weapons. Seth and Adelle do well with a sword or dagger and Gloria should keep her bow. Swords and bows are especially useful for this fight, as they will let you hit Selene's weak point more often, and you will want to take her down first. Equip your Black Mages with staves for the best damage output.

Since you don't have a dedicated healer Job yet, bring plenty of potions to heal your party. Also, bring a few ethers if you can spare the pg for your Black Mage, as you'll want them to be using their magic attacks without running out of MP.

Battle Strategy


In this battle, you will face both bosses simultaneously. Selene will use healing abilities and buff herself and Dag, while Dag will use high damage attacks on your party. The general strategy for this fight is to first defeat Selene to stop her from healing and buffing herself and Dag. After Selene is down, Dag can be quickly defeated without needing to worry about Selene healing him.

Additionally, Sir Sloan will remain with you for the duration of this boss fight. He has two actions that he will take each time it is his turn. He will either use Musan Medicine to restore 500 HP to a wounded party member or use an attack on Selene or Dag. His attacks do very high damage, but he will only attack if he doesn't need to heal your party. Because of this, try to remain near full health during this fight to allow Sir Sloan to attack more often.

Immediately before the boss fight begins, Seth will awaken to his special ability from the Wind Crystal. The effects of this ability change based on which Job he is equipped with, and will have different means of activation. When you use the Special Ability, you will enter a special mode that will grant buffs to your party members, depending on which ability you used. This mode will last until the end of the Special Ability Song, so act quickly during this time.

As the fight begins, have all party members default 1-2 times to build BP. Then, once your Special is ready, use it on Selene and use your BP to unleash consecutive attacks with Fire, Sword, and Bow attacks to quickly bring her down. Then, once just Dag is left, heal through his attacks with potions and Freelancer's Treat while relying on Sir Sloan for healing and high damage, and you should make quick work of the first boss.

If you still have trouble, try leveling up your characters and Jobs in the surrounding area. You should be around level 7 to smoothly make it through this fight.

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