How to Change Your Profile Picture in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is the latest card-battling game that pits you against an opponent in a winner-takes-all battle. Assemble your favorite Marvel superheroes into one powerful deck. In doing so, you also have the option to change up your profile image, and you’ll collect various avatars while playing the game.

Except, the game doesn’t exactly tell you how to change the profile picture. And I’m sure you’ve tried to click the avatar image, and nothing is happening. Not to worry, as I’ll explain how to change that out.

Changing your profile image in Marvel Snap

After a few battles, you’ll be rewarded several generic avatars when you first start playing Marvel Snap. Yet, the game doesn’t tell you how to access them. And clicking on the avatar does nothing but frustrate you. Instead, you’ll need to click on the Season Pass option at the bottom of the screen.

Marvel Snap Season Pass

Once you do this, you’ll see all the awards waiting for you. One of those rewards is a set of eight avatars, which you may have noticed you won after a few battles. Click on that.

Marvel Snap Generic Avatar Rewards

You’ll be taken to the reward and a claim but will be shown. Clicking the claim button will allow you to use these avatars and change your avatar. You’ll also no longer be rejected when you try to switch that G.I. Joe Snake Eyes-looking avatar.

I’ve already claimed my avatars, but the image will look like this.

Marvel Snap Generic Avatar Rewards Claim

There you go! You’re looking much better now.

Marvel Snap is currently playable on iOS, Android, and Steam.

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