How to claim Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 Zero Build Twitch drops (April 2022)


Epic Games and Twitch have partnered up to bring exclusive reward drops to Fortnite players. Here’s how to claim the Chapter 3 Season 2 Fortnite Zero Build Twitch drops.

Although Fortnite is slowly creeping up to its fifth birthday, the popular battle royale still continues to dominate with a respectable three to eight million concurrent players at any one time.

Following the release of Chapter 3 Season 2, which brought a breath of fresh air to the game, Fortnite’s viewership on Twitch and YouTube continues to stay steady.

If you’re an avid Twitch watcher and Fortnite player, fortunately, Amazon and Epic Games have partnered up once again to bring rewards to viewers. Here’s how to claim the Chapter 3, Season 2 Zero Build drops.


Dr. Strange using portal in Fortnite.
Epic Games

Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Season 2 brought a breath of fresh air to the island once again.

Fortnite Twitch drops: Start & end dates

The new Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Twitch reward drops April 2 at 6 AM PST/9 AM EST/2 PM BST and will be available until April 3 at 9 PM PST/12 AM EDT/5 AM BST meaning that you can only claim your rewards within this short period.

So, make sure you’re quick!

How to claim Fortnite Twitch drops

Fortnite’s Zero Build Twitch drops are available to all players watching a participating live channel. Though, you’ll need to watch a minimum of two hours of participating streams for both rewards.

Note that rewards can only be earned on one stream at a time, and you’ll also need to ensure your Fortnite account is linked to your Twitch. You can do this by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Epic Games’ official “Connected Accounts” page
  2. Sign in with your Epic Games account
  3. Click the “Connect” button under the Twitch tab
  4. Click “Link your Account”
  5. Sign in with your Twitch account after being prompted
  6. Select “Authorize”

Once you’re connected, watch away! Keep an eye out above the chatbox where you’ll be notified when you can claim the rewards.

Starting today through 4/3/2022 11:30PM ET you can earn these exclusive rewards via Twitch Drops!

Go check out your favorite streamers playing Fortnite for a chance to earn the Steady Aim Loading Screen & the Open Fire Wrap.

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) April 2, 2022

Fortnite Twitch drop rewards (April 2022)

When the rewards are claimed, players will receive the exclusive Steady Aim Loading Screen & the Open Fire Wrap within 14 days.

To receive the Steady Aim loading screen, you’ll need to watch for at least 30 minutes, and then an additional 1 hour 30 minutes to claim the Open fire Wrap reward.

That’s all – make sure to get watching as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on the Zero Build rewards! Make sure to check out our other Fortnite Chapter 3 guides:

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