How to complete the Oryx Challenge in King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2

The final battle in the King’s Fall Raid features Oryx, the Taken King, in Destiny 2. You will be working your way to this final battle and ending his reign. You and your Fireteam will have your work cut out to reach this point. If you’re trying to complete the more difficult challenge called Hands Off, there are specific things you will want to know. This guide covers how to complete the Oryx Challenge in King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2.

How to complete the Hands Off Challenge

Similar to the previous encounter with the Daughters of Oryx, this battle also features plates and another player going into another plane of existence. You will first need to battle through the multiple minions in this arena, and then Oryx slams his fist on one of the four plates. When he does, it will begin to glow green. Again, you must have a player standing on it, and shortly after this, another player on your fireteam will be thrown into another dimension.

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The player who goes through this dimension will need to stand next to the plate Oryx hit, and a symbol will appear on another plate. Then, another player will need to stand on this plate, creating a series of platforms for the player in another plane to reach an orb. Simultaneously, Ogres, and later Knights, will appear near plates, and players must take them out. For the Oryx Hands Off Challenge, players cannot defeat the same Ogres or Knights twice during this battle. This means players will need to rotate plates, similar to the encounter with Daughters of Oryx, where players were already rotating plates throughout the arena.

Everyone’s damage output will want to be on par with each other, especially to ensure they’re ready to make their way to another plate to defeat the Light-Eating Ogres and Knights that spawn close to those locations.

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