How To Defeat Beat Dawon And Lyon In Final Fantasy 14

The final battle of Final Fantasy 14‘s Castrum Lacus Litore is against Lyon and Dawon. Defeat these two and your delve through Castrum Lacus Litore will be complete.

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Similar to the first encounter of this dungeon, a group of people will need to split off from the rest of the group to fight Lyon. Before that, everyone will fight against Dawon together. Let’s go over each boss’ attacks and mechanics, and how you can avoid them.

Dawon Walkthrough

  • Molting Plumage: This is Dawon’s main mechanic that will be repeated throughout the fight. Molting Plumage will deal raid-wide damage before summoning Silver Feathers and Gold Feathers around the arena.
    • Silver Feathers will create a donut-shaped AoE.
    • Gold Feathers will create a circle-shaped AoE.
    • To avoid this attack, move to a Silver Feather and stand underneath it. There are a few spots where the Feathers’ AoE markers don’t overlap that you can stand between, but it’s much safer to go to a Silver Feather instead.
    • The second time Dawon uses this attack, an untargeteable Zu will be summoned that will push the Feathers back by a distance of roughly half the arena. You will need to predict where the Silver Feathers will end up to stand beneath one.
  • Scratch: Targets the main Tank and deals large damage to them. Use defensive cooldowns and have healing ready.
  • Swooping Frenzy: Dawon marks a spot on the ground before jumping there, dealing damage at the landing point. Move away from the marked spot to avoid taking damage.
  • Fervid Pulse: Dawon will deal damage in a large cross shape, relative to which direction he is facing. Move to the corners of this attack to avoid.
  • Frigid Pulse: Dawon will deal damage in a large ring around himself, leaving a safe spot directly underneath the boss. Move underneath Dawon to avoid.
  • Obey: Dawon summons three markers around the arena, each with a circle and series of bars beneath them. Inside the circle is either a cross shape or a ring shape, and the bars will have one, two, or three sections filled in. After a few seconds, Dawon will leap to these markers and do an attack depending on which symbol is in the circle. Additionally, the number associated with each maker (how many bars are filled) will indicate which order Dawon intends to jump to each marker.
    • Cross Symbol: Dawon will use Fervid Pulse
    • Ring Symbol: Dawon will use Frigid Pulse
    • Each time Dawon uses Obey after the first time, he will instead spawn four markers.
  • Pentagust: Dawon will create five conal AoEs to his front that will deal a moderate amount of damage. Avoid this attack by staying near Dawon’s flank and rear, or move into one of the safe spots between each cone AoE.
  • Passage to Majesty’s Place / Add Phase: Roughly halfway through the fight, the Passage to Majesty’s Place will open, allowing up to eight players to enter and fight Lyon. During this time, the rest of the players facing Dawon will fight a series of additional enemies, listed below.
    • Tamed Beetles: Tether to Dawon, making him invulnerable. Four Tamed Beetles will spawn during this phase.
    • Tamed Manticores: Use conal AoE and flank AoE attacks. Watch for each attacks’ telegraphs and dodge accordingly. Two Tamed Manticores will spawn during this phase.
    • Tamed Coeurls: Use giant frontal cleave AoE attacks. Have separate Tanks take each one of these and face them away from the rest of the party, preferable towards the edge of the arena. Two Tamed Coeurls will spawn during this phase.

Lyon Walkthrough


As Dawon reaches roughly 50 percent health, Lyon will challenge you to a duel. Only eight players can enter this separate arena, where they will fight Lyon on their own. We recommend deciding who will fight Lyon before the fight with Dawon begins. Try to assemble a team of one tank, two healers, and five DPS Jobs that will challenge Lyon.

This party’s objective is to bring Lyon down to 50 percent health within a certain time limit. If they fail to do so, Lyon will buff Dawon and the summoned minions, who will each do massive amounts of damage to you and your party members, effectively wiping the raid.

Below are each of Lyon’s attacks and mechanics.

  • Raging Wings: Lyon will create a death zone around the edge of the arena.
  • Winds’ Peak: Lyon will deal damage in an AoE surrounding himself and knockback all players. Stay near the edge of the AoE marker to avoid being knocked into the death zone.
  • Heart of Nature: Lyon will use this attack three times before the enrage timer. Each time he uses Heart of Nature, it will have a different effect.
    • The first time Heart of Nature is used, it will be a cascading earth AoE. Dodge this attack by standing near the edge of the first ring, then quickly move in after the rocks come out of the ground.
    • The second time Heart of Nature is used, Lyon will summon four moving earth AoEs that appear on four different sides of the arena. These AoEs will quickly move across the arena to the opposite side, dealing damage each time an earth spike comes out of the ground. This will also be paired with Winds’ Peak, which will knock you towards the edge of the arena. Stand in the center of the arena to be knocked towards a safe spot near the edge, and stay there until Heart of Nature’s earth spikes stop moving.
    • The third time Heart of Nature is used, Lyon will summon four moving earth AoEs like before. However, this time the attack will be paired with The King’s Notice, followed by a Taste of Blood. To avoid this attack, turn away from Lyon as you avoid the earth AoE’s, then quickly move behind him as he jumps into Taste of Blood.
  • Taste of Blood: Lyon will jump to one edge of the arena before performing an untelegraphed cleave to his front. Move with Lyon when he jumps then quickly get behind him to avoid this attack.
  • Twin Agonies: Lyon will target the main Tank and deal a large amount of damage to them. Use defensive cooldowns and heal as necessary.
  • The King’s Notice: Lyon will begin casting a Gaze attack that will only deal damage to players who are looking at him when the cast is finished. Simply turn and face the edge of the arena to avoid this attack.

After Lyon is defeated, the separated party will once again join the fight against Dawon. No new mechanics are introduced at this point, so continue as usual to ultimately bring down Dawon and complete Castrum Lacus Litore.


You will receive one Personal Spoils chest after defeating Dawon, which will contain the following items.


  • 50 Bozjan Coins
  • Five Loathsome Memory of the Dying (if the quest ‘Change of Arms’ is active)

Chance to receive the following:

  • Bozjan Runner’s Secrets (Head Gear)
  • Bozjan Runner’s Secrets (Body Gear)
  • Bozjan Runner’s Secrets (Hand Gear)
  • Bozjan Runner’s Secrets (Leg Gear)
  • Bozjan Runner’s Secrets (Foot Gear)
  • Life and Death (Zodiac Age Version) Orchestrion Roll
  • Garlean Synthetic Fabric
  • Field Notes on Lyon

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