How To Defeat Horten In Bravely Default 2

While on your journey through Bravely Default 2, you will come across plenty of enemies that want to stop you from gathering the Crystals. After you make it through the Vale of Sighs, you will be stopped by Horten, who kindly asks you to hand over the Wind Crystal.

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Refuse to give in to the Prime Minister's demands and you'll have to face the Monk in battle. Let's go over Horten's attacks and weaknesses, the best jobs and equipment to use, and how to beat him.

Horten Stats, Weaknesses, and Attacks


Horten's stats, weaknesses, and attacks are listed below.

Horten's Attacks

HP 8,892
Type Humanoid
Weaknesses Earth, Sword, Bow


  • Counters:
    • Physical Attacks
  • Abilities:
    • Strong Strike: Deals a large amount of physical damage to an enemy, but has slightly reduced accuracy
    • Tortoise Kick: Deals physical damage to an enemy and delays their next turn
    • Firebird: Deals physical fire damage to an enemy and reduces their fire resistance for two turns

Recommended Jobs and Equipment


Now that you've beaten Selene and Dag, you will have access to a few different Jobs for your party. Equipping your party with one of each of the jobs you currently have unlocked is a good idea.

Seth does well as a Vanguard, or you can keep him as a Freelancer for its support abilities. You should change Gloria to a White Mage, as this class's healing and support abilities are essential for this boss fight. Keep Elvis as a Black Mage, and Adelle can stay as a Freelancer, or switch to a Vanguard. Either way, make sure to equip her with a sword for this boss fight.

Alternatively, you can use one Vanguard, one White Mage, and two Black Mages. This will help negate most of Horten's damage through counter-attacks, as you will mostly be using Black Mage's magic attacks, which won't trigger the counter. This is overall the safer option, but you also won't be able to exploit Horten's weakness to sword attacks as often.

As usual, bring potions and ethers as necessary. With a White Mage and Sir Sloan in the party, you probably won't need to rely on potions, but they are always nice to have around in case of emergencies.

Battle Strategy


Similar to the first boss fight against Selene and Dag, Sir Sloan will once again accompany you during your fight with Horten. Because Horten is weak to sword attacks, Sir Sloan is incredibly strong during this fight. In comparison, your party members probably won't be doing much damage to Horten.

Instead, you'll want to focus on supporting Sir Sloan and making sure to keep your party alive. The Vanguard Job can use Defang to lower Horten's physical attack, and Shield Bash to delay his turns. Paired with a White Mage's Protect and Cure, and you should be safe enough from Horten's attacks.

However, you may be quickly overwhelmed by Horten because of his ability to counter physical attacks. Horten has a chance to counter-attack with a normal attack or Strong Strike each time he receives a physical attack. Additionally, his attack Firebird will lower your fire resistance, making consecutive uses of this attack even more deadly. Be sure to keep up Protect buffs up and avoid using physical attacks multiple times in a row.

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