How to get Bugha’s complete gaming setup: Bugha PC, streaming equipment & more

Bugha Gaming Hardware

Kyle ‘Buhga’ Giersdorf is among the top Fornite players, having gained popularity after winning the Fortnite World Cup in 2019. With millions of followers on Twitch, Bugha’s computer and streaming equipment make his job significantly easier.

Since 2019, Bugha has one of the top players in the Fortnite community right beside NRG’s Clix and Tfue. With lifetime earnings of over $3m, the Sentinels member also holds the record for the highest-earning player as of 2022.

But what does Bugha use to be the best at the game? Here’s what he uses in his gaming and streaming setup.

Bugha gaming equipment

Bugha lifting Fortnite World Cup trophy
Epic Games

2019 Fortnite World Cup Solo winner Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf made a total of $3 million for his first-place finish.

Here are the peripherals Bugha uses:

Similar to fellow Fortnite star Clix, Bugha crank’s ’90s with the Final Mouse Air58 Ninja. Unfortunately for those who didn’t get one at launch, the secondhand market for the Air58 Ninja sits around $500.

Paired with his 360hz monitor to display Fortnite at a crisp 360fps, Bugha is set to maintain his role as the top dog in the community.

Bugha gaming PC specs

Fractal Define R6

Using the Define R6 shows he doesn’t care about his PC looks since its just a black box.

Here are the PC parts that power Bugha’s content:

Bugha’s powerful PC stands out from the crown with the Fractal Design Define R6 case instead of the ever-popular Lian Li 011 dynamic.

For the rest of his computer though, it’s exactly what you’d expect. The latest Intel Core i9 and RTX 3090 paired with a modest 32GB of ram are the backbones of the Fortnite star’s content.

Bugha streaming Equipment

Logitech Herman Miller Embody gaming collaboration
Logitech/Herman Miller

Logitech collaborated with Herman Miller, bringing comfort into the gaming scene.

Alongside his gaming PC and peripherals, here’s what Bugha uses to help run his stream:

With Bugha rocking the most common high-quality camera for streaming, it shows that he’s focused on providing a high-quality experience but without breaking the bank.

However, it’s obvious that he cares about his comfort during long broadcasts as he’s dropped several thousand dollars on his Logitech x Herman Miller collaboration chair.

While using the same equipment as Bugha might not help you earn $3m dollars playing Fortnite, it’s a good step towards fully optimizing your setup.

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