How to Improve Sacred Flasks in Elden Ring

Elden Ring

Healing in a challenging game like Elden Ring is very important. All enemies hit extremely hard, and it usually doesn’t take more than a couple of well-placed hits to see the dreaded You Are Dead screen.

Like in the Dark Souls games, healing in Elden Ring is made easy and convenient by the Sacred Flasks. You will receive the Flask of Crimson Tears that restores HP and the Flask of Cerulean Tears that restores FP right after arriving in the Stranded Graveyard at the start of the game. Flask charges and the amount of HP or FP healed will be limited at the beginning of the game, but both aspects can be improved by upgrading the Flasks.


To upgrade the Flasks, you will need to gather Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears, which increase the charges and amount of HP and FP healed. Golden Seeds can be found near the small Erdtree saplings found all over the Lands Between, while Sacred Tears are inside the ruined churches. With these items in your possession, you can upgrade the Sacred Flasks by picking the available options when interacting with Sites of Graces. It is also possible to allocate charges at these locations to have better HP or FP healing capabilities.

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