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How To Rig The Updaam Smoking Contest In Deathloop

Deathloop is a first-person shooter set in a time loop. For this reason, the player can explore the world of Blackreef and observe how their actions will affect the future. What you do in the early morning may have drastic consequences for what occurs later in the day. As a result, Deathloop features some unique and interesting side quests for you to explore.

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One such sidequest is the Smoking Contest, where a group of eternalists decides to have a contest to see who can inhale the most smoke to claim a secret and mysterious bedroom for themselves. The catch is Cass, the eternalist who planned this smoking contest, rigged it to kill the other eternalist when they inhale. Perhaps if Colt messes around with the winners, he can unlock the bedroom and collect a prize. Just so you are aware, the reward for this quest is just a piece of background information and not necessarily valuable.

Day One


The first thing you need to do is go to Updaam in the morning. Go to Colt’s apartment, and as you are about to enter his home through the window on the rooftop, turn around 180 degrees. You should see another building with a walk up to the front door. Go through the front door or the window to the right and enter the apartment.


Once you are inside the apartment, interact with every piece of paper you find. Ignore the machine with the button on it for now. If you accidentally click the button, click it again until the green light is on in the middle (where the yellow wire comes out). Inside the apartment, you will also notice a locked door that requires three codes to unlock. Our goal for this quest will be to find all three.

You will want to interact with Cass’s pact of smoke on the table beside the TV. Reading this note will give you the first code you need to get into the locked room. After this, you can leave Updaam by returning to the tunnels. Once you are back in the menus, go back to Updaam in the afternoon and return to the apartment.


Once you return to the apartment in the afternoon, interact with an audio log on top of the TV. This audio log will give you background on the side quest’s story.

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Day Two


Restart the loop and go back to the apartment in Updaam in the morning. This time, we will interact with the machine and click the button once. Clicking the button will cause the green light to move to the top red wire and, of course, change the winner. Once you do this, leave Updaam and head to Karl’s Bay in the afternoon.


Once you get to Karl’s Bay in the afternoon, exit through the left tunnel. Next, walk up the street and pass through the Gardens of Perception.


Once on the other side, walk down the stairs to the lower level.


After you walk down the stairs, look to your left, and you will notice an open door. Walk inside and take out the eternalist.


Look for the kitchen, and you will find Vanya’s pact of smoke. Read the note and learn the second code. You can now leave Karl’s Bay and restart the loop.

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Day Three


Go to Updaam in the morning, enter the apartment, and hit the smoke machine button two times. The green light should now be on the bottom/blue wire. After you rig the machine, leave Updaam and head back to Karl’s Bay in the afternoon.


Go back through the Gardens of Perception and down the stairs to the lower level where the door was last time. This time, we will go left around the building towards the eternalist playing guitar.


Walk alongside the building towards the back.


Once you reach the back of the building, you will notice a rooftop below you. Jump on the roof and cross over it, dropping down to the street on the other side.


Turn around 180 degrees and look at the building opposite the supply warehouse. There should be an open door, but be careful entering the building as there are eternalists inside. After you take out the eternalist, look for Anatoly’s pact of smoke.


The note is near the closed firepit. After you read it and learn the final code, leave Karl’s Bay.

Later Or The Next Day


Return to Updaam in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Once you return to the eternalists’ apartment, unlock the door with the three codes. Once inside, you will find an audio log from Harriet. Interact with it to claim your prize.

You have now completed the smoking contest side quest.

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