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How To Romance Sunder In Boyfriend Dungeon

Sunder is the dashing and dangerous Talwar available to romance in Boyfriend Dungeon. He is very quick to flirt with you, and probably will be most players’ first official date in the game. Sunder is quite a handful, though, so proceed with caution. Plus his and Mandy’s sordid past may come back to bite you if you’re not careful.

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Though this article does not need to tell you this, as everyone in the game who knows Sunder is sure to tell you, Sunder is a massive playboy. However, if that is your jam, then go for it. Remember, you are only in Verona for the summer! Might as well live it up.

Spoiler Warning: This guide contains spoilers for Sunder’s route in Boyfriend Dungeon

How To Meet Him


Sunder is the second weapon-person you can meet on your journey through the dunjs in Verona. On the second floor of the Verona Mall, Sunder’s weapon form will be sitting in the middle of a wide room, waiting to be picked up. You and Isaac will have a short conversation with him, where you should make sure to tell him you’re interested in hanging out again to get a quick text after your interaction.

Choosing Platonic or Romantic


Sunder is extremely easy to start up a romantic relationship with, but just as easy to make it platonic. Throughout your interactions with him, he will always make caveats that if he is “too flirty” just tell him and he will back off. It really is more of opting out of the romantic plot as opposed to opting into it. Of course, there is always the option to have him back off if he is being too much.

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Sunder’s Values


Sunder loves dancing and drinking. And partying. And staying out late. And maybe has a hankering for, well, more exotic tastes. He is always receptive to flirting, unlike Isaac who knows the time and place. Always take the opportunity to flirt and it will always be reciprocated. Though take note of his liked and loved gifts, he is not fond of eating…human food.

The Dates

Location Notes
La Rosa (First Visit) You and Sunder meet at his club and he introduces you to Mandy. The three of you will dance the night away and hopefully get in some flirting while you’re at it.
La Rosa (Second Visit) He will flirt with you in the club, but then leave you to go to the bathroom, feeding into what you know about him being a playboy. If you are okay with polyamory, you can tell him that you’re fine with the other people, but to just be honest with you. If not, you can initiate a platonic run by calling him out.
The Beach Mandy will join you two on the beach. As the three of you hang out, Mandy will hint at something the two of them aren’t telling you, but Sunder will confess that he’s not ready to talk about certain things. Flirt your heart out, as this is what Sunder is here to do.
La Rosa (Third Visit) Sunder invites you out again, but this time there’s been a murder! Sunder, acting suspicious, sulks away to the café. There, he and Mandy finally let slip their big secret. Afterward, Sunder leaves and Mandy once again warns you away from him.
The Park Sunder asks you to meet him at the park after sunset. There he is conflicted and overwhelmed with everything going on. He offers you the option to ask more questions about his little quirk. Here is a chance to be intimate with Sunder without him being focused on fun.
Your Apartment Sunder will come over with bad news. Keep your head high, but answer honestly. There is only one path from here on out. Afterward, Mandy will come over to console you as well. It is another good opportunity to make a friend.

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Gift Guide

Loved Gifts (+75) Liked Gifts (+50) Rejected Gifts (+0)
A Dozen Red Roses A Potted Plant Chocolate Truffles
Blue Lipstick Ballet Tickets Fried Mackerel
Concert Tickets Bouquet of Daisies Gourmet Cupcake
Dark Eyeliner Bracelets McQueen Perfume
Digital Camera Fine Gold Chain Opera Tickets
Fine Bourbon Fine Leather Gloves Pepperoni Pizza
Glitter Eyeshadow Marskeye Cologne Travel Guide
Love Letter Mystery Novel
Racing Game Red Lipstick
Raspberry Liqueur Red Rose
Single Malt Scotch Silver Ring
Vodka Sneakers
Sword Cufflinks
Teddy Bear

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