Humankind: 7 Things To Do After You Beat The Game

Beat your first run in Humankind? That's just the start. 4x games are theoretically infinitely replayable, with plenty of different ways to win (or lose) your next run. With dozens of achievements to collect and different difficulty settings to play on, Humankind should keep you busy for a little while yet.

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Here are just a few ways you can make your next run a little more interesting. Raise the difficulty, change the map size, or challenge yourself with a different way of playing.

Play On A Harder Difficulty


The max difficulty in Humankind is a completely different game. Called "Humankind" difficulty, go figure, the AI gets huge boosts in the early game that makes catching them up a pretty stressful affair. Thankfully, we've compiled some tips for the max difficulty to help you get started.

Build soldiers. Stick around to collect era stars (you won't get the culture you want, anyway), and try to finish the game before the Australians next door decide to burn the world down with their Strip Mining. Good luck.

Play On Endless Mode


Endless Mode is also like a completely different game. It takes pretty much twice as long to finish a run of Humankind, but it does mean you can take your time a little bit. The game balance is also just a little bit off, but for the most part, absolutely fine.

One of the biggest benefits of playing on Endless Mode is the time you have to make decisions and plan out your empire ahead of time. It feels a bit more akin to Civilization in terms of tech progression speed, so if you prefer a slower game, try out Endless Mode.

Try The One City Challenge


A hangover from Civilization, the one city challenge is just that: play the entire game with a single city. This obviously works a bit differently in Humankind because you can actually attach endless Outposts to your capital city, basically creating a sprawling continent-wide metropolis.

This strategy doesn't even seem that bad. Genuinely an interesting way to play. Give it a go. You don't know how it might end up. We've got a guide here for both city management and when to attach Outposts. They might come in handy.

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Go For Some Of The Least-Earned Achievements In The Game


Some Humankind achievements have yet to be earned by a single player. They're currently sitting at 0 percent on Steam. This includes stuff like Napoleon (earn 18 Militarist stars in a single game) and Landstalker (finish the game possessing at least half the territories on the map.)

Taking a look at the achievements with the fewest players suggests that most people aren't going for military victories. Set yourself a target to win by domination only and see what you can do. You might be the first to get your hands on one of those elusive achievements.

Play Around With The Map Settings


Humankind has many ways to alter the map, and there'll be more ways to enjoy the game when the results of Amplituide's Map Creation Contest come in, too.

While you wait for some custom maps, try out these settings to give yourself a different experience the next time you play:

  • Go for a Large Pangaea. This large map is one giant connected continent, ideal if you don't want to worry about a powerful culture turtling over a massive ocean. Usually leads to massive wars, or big friendship, depending on how you play.
  • Increase the density of rivers and lakes if you want extra food and production.
  • Raise the water level if you want a better chance with some of the naval cultures in the game, like the Dutch. Islands are fun.

Try A Multiplayer Game


It may have taken both Civilization 5 and Civilization 6 many mods to be truly enjoyable as multiplayer experiences, and it's likely that Humankind will need its own tweaks over time. However, the multiplayer experience is pretty polished at the moment, and there are Steam communities you can check out for regular games.

However, these games do take a long time. The length depends on whether everyone agrees to auto-resolve every battle or prefers to fight it manually. Some multiplayer matches are also played on Blitz speed, which makes the game zip past way quicker than singleplayer.

Play As A Single Culture Throughout The Entire Game


There's actually an achievement for doing this. Rather than pick a new culture you just stay as the same culture and get some extra benefits to your fame generation per era. If you manage to snag one of the best cultures in the game, you might be on to a winner.

This does restrict you a bit: you won't have those random power spikes of districts that give you 80 production, but it's a perfect challenge if you want to test yourself a bit.

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