Imaginative artist creates Mario Odyssey sculpture… using trash


First reported by Nintendo Life, it has come to light that one incredibly talented artist has taken it upon themselves to create a Super Mario Odyssey sculpture solely using trash and recyclables. Simply put, they’ve done an amazing job.

In a climate in which recycling is becoming increasingly more important, it’s incredibly enlightening and heartwarming to see someone use their trash and utilise it for something outstanding. In this case, the amazing creation is a Super Mario Odyssey sculpture detailing the Odyssey ship and a very hungry piranha plant.

Shared in a video uploaded to YouTube by Studson Studio, which you can watch above, their video details all the progress they made while crafting the sculpture from start to finish. We see the talented creator collect their trash, mold their plastic recyclables, paint the whole thing, and more, before the final product finally comes to fruition.

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