Immortals Fenyx Rising reportedly getting Polynesian-themed spin-off


Following reports earlier this year that Ubisoft was in the early stages of developing a sequel to its enjoyable Greek-mythology-themed open-world adventure Immortals Fenyx Rising, new claims have surfaced suggesting this may in fact be a spin-off, rather than a full-blown sequel, and one given a new Hawaiian Polynesian theme.

The original Immortals Fenyx Rising, which released in 2020, followed the adventures of the titular Fenyx after being washed ashore on the colourful Golden Isle, home to a pantheon of Greek mythology inspired gods. What followed was a generally enjoyable blend of open-world exploration, platforming, combat, and puzzling – all narrated by the perpetually bickering twosome of Prometheus and Zeus – whose biggest flaw (aside from its rather exhaustingly stuff-saturated map) was its over-familiarity.

“Blame Covid, blame budgets, blame Ubisoft, blame the paradoxically thrifty, endlessly repurposing way the publisher makes all its huge, expansive, generous games,” Christian Donlan wrote in his review, “but Immortals never really finds its own voice until the very end.”

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