Indie Roguelike, Crown Trick, Arrives On PS4 And Xbox Game Pass Today

Crown Trick, the fantasy roguelike RPG from Team17 and NExT Studios, is finally making its way to Xbox and PlayStation. Beginning today, the turn-based adventure game is available for Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers or can be purchased through either platform's digital storefront. The game previously launched for the Nintendo Switch and PC last year.

Players will take control of the pink-haired hero Elle as they attempt to escape the labyrinth of dungeons that make up the Nightmare Realm. Defeating enemies will help players pick up unique skills that will make the trek through the dungeons a bit easier. With over 40 active skills, more than 60 passive abilities, 30+ usable items, and over 170 special relics to discover, players can customize their hero to create a combat style that works for them as they slash through enemies.

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Plus, players will have to learn from the over 100 enemies found in the Nightmare Realm in order to survive. Crown Trick lets you gather elite “Familiar” skills from defeated foes that you can use on unsuspecting enemies deeper in the dungeon.

Of course, Crown Trick is not your typical dungeon-crawler. The game features a unique synchronous turn-based combat system that forces monsters, and deadly traps, to move in a reactionary way to the player. This means that the moves of your enemies will not be revealed until you make your move first. This means that a carefully thought-out strategy will be the key to survival in the RPG.

Don’t worry if you are lucky enough to survive one of your treks through the Nightmare Realm, the game is not over. The procedurally generated maze ensures that players have a unique experience each time they enter the Realm, allowing for multiple runs without the risk of boredom. Plus, the beautiful, hand-painted art style will make each playthrough a joy to look at.

To celebrate Crown Trick’s debut, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game are currently available with a launch discount of 20%. This means you can nab the dungeon crawler for just $15.99 until September 13.

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