Insider Suggests Alan Wake Remastered Will Be Announced Next Week

Alan Wake rumors and speculation have been fluctuating as of late, with a number of reports about what game Remedy Entertainment is working on next. These rumors have suggested that Remedy's next game may be an Alan Wake sequel, though it appears that hardened evidence is surfacing around a remaster for the original game instead.

Wario64, who reports by-the-minute deals and sales throughout the games industry, has recently discovered that a remaster treatment for Alan Wake has popped up on Rakuten Taiwan's retailer, with an associated release date of October 5. Interestingly, this listing also claims that Alan Wake's remaster would arrive on PS4 and PS5 as well as Xbox, which would mean that Alan Wake is no longer being considered for exclusivity on console systems. Though this listing may still turn out to be inaccurate or false, an insider has chimed in with affirmation about the game.

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Niko Partners' Senior Analyst, Daniel Ahmad, has since responded to Wario64's findings with a brief statement that may excite Alan Wake fans. Ahmad simply states that the aforementioned Alan Wake remaster will be announced next week, without explaining sources or any insight into their insider knowledge. Of course, until an official announcement is revealed, it remains up in the air if the insider's statement will be proven true. But because of previous rumors that point toward the game's existence being viable, fans may have cause for anticipation.

For example, previous rumors included a partnership between Remedy and Epic Games for an Alan Wake sequel. Further, Alan Wake's eponymous protagonist made a crossover appearance in Control, which encouraged fans to believe that the haunted writer's narrative was still an open book. But Wario64 was also able to find considerable proof inside the Epic Game Store's database that Final Fantasy 7 Remake and an Alan Wake remaster would arrive on PC, which only further connects to Wario64's newest discovery of an Alan Wake remaster.

Because Remedy has announced its next collaboration will be with Epic Games, this information all but confirms that their involvement together spells the return of Alan Wake in some fashion, whether that is truly a remaster of the original game or a dedicated sequel. Ahmad suggests that the game will be announced next week, which may purposely coincide with the recently announced PlayStation Showcase 2021. Until then, Alan Wake fans will have to wait to hear if these rumors come to fruition.

Alan Wake is available on PC and Xbox 360.

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