Insiders Claim Battlefield 2042’s Beta Is Coming September 24

Several insiders have claimed that Battlefield 2042's beta will be taking place on September 24, with early access starting on September 22.

Battlefield and GTA leaker Tom Henderson has claimed over on Twitter that September 24 is the set date for when Battlefield 2042's beta becomes open to everyone. Tom clarified that the beta will likely be open to media from September 20, with the embargo dropping on September 22.

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In a Tweet, Henderson said, "September 22nd seems to be early access because that's when the media embargo lifts (media are recording Sept 20th). So I would assume the beta is open to everyone on Sept 24th".

As reported by VGC, these dates were further corroborated by GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb on the Giant Bomb podcast. Grubb said, "This is something I originally heard from Tom Henderson, who is a very good Battlefield leaker, and then I was able to confirm it separately".

Grubb also went into some detail on the game's Hazard Zone mode, saying, "There’s one-life permadeath during these matches and then you have randomised mission parameters that you need to accomplish during each mission and it’s got big, in-world obstacles that happen dynamically, like weather events I think."

Previous leaks have indicated that Hazard Zone will have you fighting AI enemies whilst trying to grab loot and make it to the end, which makes it sound incredibly similar to Escape From Tarkov, something which seems to be furthered by Grubb's comments on the podcast. EA hasn't officially detailed Hazard Zone yet, but all of the leaks so far seem to indicate the same things. Grubb also mentioned more severe hazards, although wasn't able to think of any examples.

Although many are hanging on EA's every word for more information about Battlefield 2042's open beta, EA itself doesn't seem to be taking things too seriously. On September 1, it posted a meme making fun of fans that were expecting the beta to be announced as soon as it hit September.

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