iQOO Neo6 Launch Date Unveiled Along with Specifications

iQOO Neo6 Launch Date and Specifications

After the iQOO 9 series, the iQOO began preparations for its Neo series of new machines, named iQOO Neo6, the news said that the first half of April release. On March 31, iQOO officially announced that its new iQOO Neo6 will be released on April 13.

iQOO Neo6 Launch Date and Specifications

The official poster shows that the machine focuses on the gaming experience, called the next-generation gaming flagship, it is said that there are some flagship features devolved.

Previously revealed that the machine screen size has not changed much, still about 6.6 inches, but upgraded from E3 to E4 luminous material, support 120Hz refresh rate, with better power consumption performance.

At the same time, the screen supports dual pressure-sensitive, can be mapped to any area of the screen, suitable for users who play games, similar to the effect of shoulder keys, but directly on the screen can be pressed to achieve.

Close to the release time, the machine recently passed the 3C certification and telecom equipment into the network license, the model number V2196A, equipped with support for 80W power charger, meaning that the machine supports up to 80W wired charging.

At the same time, the network information shows that the iQOO Neo6 with a 6.62-inch screen, a body three circumference of 159.7 × 73.6 × 8.49mm, battery capacity of 4605mAh. Core configuration, the new machine is equipped with a CPU frequency of 2.8GHz processor, not surprisingly, Snapdragon 8 Gen1.

Previous, iQOO new machine for the first time used high conductivity rare earth heat dissipation material, by adding lanthanum and cerium two rare earth elements in the metal, so that the thermal conductivity of the metal cover compared to the traditional cooling system by 200%.


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