Iron Gate Gives Some Specifics On Valheim Hearth And Home Update

We’re getting closer to another Valheim update, as Hearth and Home is set to be released in Q3 2021, which means it could really be any time now. Overall, Valheim has seen massive success since its launch in February, performing exceedingly better than anticipated. For a while, the game was topping the Steam sales charts, and thousands are still playing it today.

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Last month, Valheim received an update, but it didn’t exactly go as planned. Iron Door updated the AI, but this caused the AI to aggressively attack doors built by the player upon sight. The goal was to have the AI be slightly more aggressive so that they would attack your buildings, forcing you to be more on edge, but the AI began ignoring players entirely to attack the buildings instead. Luckily, an update that followed rectified this issue.

Following this, Iron Gate has just released minimal details on the upcoming Hearth and Home update after over a month without any news. They stated that they’re still on track to deliver the update this quarter. Furthermore, they explained that in this update, players will be able to stack coins and make coin piles in order to hoard excess wealth. They will also be including a treasure chest to so you can store your wealth and an iron grate so that you can lock it up and guard it.

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