It costs £88,000 to fully upgrade your character in Diablo Immortal

It costs £88,000 ($110,000) to fully upgrade a character in Diablo Immortal.

That’s according to Bellular News (thanks, GameRant), which has calculated that to fully max out a character, a player would need to spend over $100,000 on microtransactions, as it’s seemingly not possible to do so without spending real money. You can check out the full breakdown below:

Players in Diablo Immortal have three progression pillars: XP level, equipment level, and Legendary Gems. The first two are pretty standard fare in any RPG-type game, but collating Legendary Gems can be a costly and convoluted process as the way you get them is randomised and often exceedingly rare… and right now, it seems as though F2P players cannot earn them at all.

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