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Fortnite aggiunge la modalità ispirata tra noi, 120 Supporto FPS per PS5 e Xbox Series X | S


Fortnite Among Us

Epic Games have announced a new Limited Time Mode for Fortnite inspired by Among Us, along with 120 FPS support for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

"The Spy Within” Limited Time Mode mode is available now, and features rules that may sound familiar to those who have played Among Us. Players are divided among eight Agents and two Spies. Agents must complete objectives to gain gold coins, while Spies must kill the Agents off without raising suspicion.

Should an Agent suspect a Spy, then can host a meeting. Voice chat is then turned on, and players can vote for the player they think is a Spy to eliminate them. The mode was created by Fortnite community members DolphinDom, KKSlider, Bunni_, Wert, Blanky, jstKamui, MackJack, Ritual and Snownymous. Those who complete The Spy Within Challenge Pack can win an exclusive Skate Deck varient and more.

In addition, Epic Games annunciato that update v15.10 has added 120 FPS support to Battle Royale and Creative modes on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Players can enable this through their video settings, though Epic Games do know that maximum resolution is lowered from 4K to 1440p. This is 1080p on Xbox Series S, with a boost to 1200p in all game modes without 120 FPS mode).

Shadow settings, postprocessing, and streaming distances are also “slightly reduced” in 120 FPS mode. però, volumetric clouds, physical rim lighting, and high-quality shaders are unaffected and remain enabled. On Xbox Series S, shadow resolution and “other settings” are reduced, along with volumetric clouds being disabled.

Finalmente, the mode will only function on displays that can support 120Hz refresh rate. Xbox Series X|S users should make sure their consoles display settings have 120Hz enabled.

Fortnite is available and free-to-play on Windows PC, Mac (both via the Sito ufficiale e Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, Stazione di gioco 4, Stazione di gioco 5, Xbox One, Android, e Xbox Series X.

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