Japanese Shop and Puzzle Game Onomatopeya Announced


Studio Pomidori, an indie developer based in Italy and Japan, has announced Japanese-themed shop and puzzle game Onomatopeya at this year’s BitSummit.

While some initial details and media for Onomatopeya were shown off alongside a 2022 release window, development platforms aren’t known yet.

The game has you working at a shop and searching for items customers ask for, however you have to find the right items based on Japanese onomatopoeia words, as many words commonly used in Japanese are actually sounding out things with onomatopoeia noises.

Here’s a reveal trailer:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Onomatopeya is a puzzle game where you will discover the fun side of Japanese onomatopoeia while managing a strange little shop.

You play as Corto, the new part-timer, and your job is to find a match to the requests of the quirky clientele.

Here’s the catch: they are looking for something that corresponds to a certain onomatopoeia!

Look around the shop and play with all the items there, you will surely find something!

And if you don’t know Japanese onomatopoeia don’t worry! Everyone in town will be happy to give you a hint.

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