Kingdom Eighties: Season Of Greed Announcement Trailer


The eighties is definitely big right now, so it isn’t all that surprising that games have been adopting the eighties aesthetic into their art design. Now it’s Raw Fury’s turn with today’s announcement trailer…Kingdom Eighties: Season of Greed! The trailer didn’t reveal much in the realm of game play, but it is sure to be another masterpiece. Raw Fury’s official website promises “a story driven love letter to 1980’s Americana, but which is still very much a Kingdom game.”

Previous Kingdom games were a bit dearth in the story department, which is definitely not a bad thing. Yet, since game play can only be tweaked so much, adding story to the mix is a natural development for the series.

The first Kingdom, now called Kingdom Classic, was originally developed by Noio and Licorice, then published by Raw Fury. The developers went on to polish their initial concept and released Kingdom: New Lands before handing off development to Raw Fury Studios. Since then, Raw Fury, Coatsink, and Stumpy Squid released Kingdom: Two Crowns with two subsequent updates and DLC. You can read our review of it here.

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