Latest Disco Elysium Patch Aims To Make Text Actually Readable

Disco Elysium's latest patch has finally added bigger font options, after months of players reporting that the text size was barely legible.

Studio ZA/UM shared the news of Update 1.12 over on the Disco Elysium Twitter page and was seemingly in on the joke, saying, "Update 1.012 and 1.12 are now live on PlayStation. Includes BIGGER font sizes, upgraded UI elements and tons of texture tweaks to improve visuals".

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The whole update seems to be in service of improving the game for console players, as the official patch notes point out, "TEXT SIZE. We have added much BIGGER font sizes. Lots of upgraded UI elements – for a better couch playing experience,"

Although adding bigger fonts might not seem like anything to write home about considering how long Disco Elysium has been out, it's essentially been the biggest requested feature to come to Disco Elysium since its launch. Players have been reporting for months that the text size is simply too small, especially if playing the game on a TV and not a monitor.

Anyone who played Disco Elysium from launch will remember that it was originally in a pretty broken state, with Studio ZA/UM having to quickly fix control issues, graphic issues, and whole chunks of the game that were missing. The fact that the team is now able to move onto long-requested features like bigger font sizes is a good sign of how far the patches have come along.

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