League of Legends gets some ARAM balance tweaks next patch

League of Legends gets some ARAM balance tweaks next patch

League of Legends developer Riot Games has detailed a bunch of changes coming with League of Legends patch 11.13 aimed at the MOBA game's ARAM ('All Random, All Mid') game mode, which has you given a random champion and battle it out in just the Howling Abyss' single lane. Eleven champions are due to get some balance tweaks with the upcoming update, along with the Warmog's Armour item.

Senior manager in tech game design and lead game designer of modes Reina Sweet has posted a snapshot of the upcoming adjustments on Twitter (below), with changes directed at re-tuning various champions' damage output and protection against it. Some power-boosting buffs are coming to assassin champs Qiyana and Akali, and newcomer Gwen, for example. These three will be getting their damage output dialled up by five percent each (which for Akali doubles her previous damage dealt from five to ten), and their damage reduction similarly adjusted upwards.

Elsewhere in the buffs list, tanky juggernaut Udyr, diver Rek'Sai, and vanguard Rammus are getting their damage reduction increased, while Hecarim is seeing his damage dealing powered up with the game's next big patch.

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