Leaked GTA Remastered Trilogy Release Date Could Be Later Than Expected

With Rockstar seemingly focused on the continued development of Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto 6's inevitably years away from launch, fans have instead reoriented their attention toward the rumored Grand Theft Auto Remastered Trilogy. The updated versions of Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas have reinvigorated the community's excitement. However, a new report could stymie that hype, stating that the Grand Theft Auto Remastered Trilogy may have been delayed into 2022.

The report comes from leaker Tom Henderson during the Gold Gold Podcast. Henderson responded to recent news that the Grand Theft Auto Remastered Trilogy could launch as early as late 2021. Henderson says that he's "heard completely differently," and that he'd heard that the GTA Remastered Trilogy's release dateis in 2022. Henderson doesn't clarify who his sources are or whether they're authoritative but does seem to imply that he's heard from multiple people on the topic.

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To provide some context to the situation without giving away any further details about the Grand Theft Auto Remastered Trilogy, Henderson describes the situation at Rockstar at the moment. He points out that the studio is currently working on the next-gen console version of Grand Theft Auto 5, which is already one of the best-selling games ever made. That next-gen upgrade, Grand Theft Auto 5: Expanded & Enhanced, is releasing in November. Does it make sense to launch the Grand Theft Auto Remastered Trilogy at the same time?

While Henderson's logic is sound, there are also counterarguments. For example, releasing the Grand Theft Auto Remastered Trilogy could have its benefits if it launched near Grand Theft Auto 5: Expanded & Enhanced. It would draw more people back toward the franchise. Additionally, if Rockstar was nervous about the way the remasters could impact Grand Theft Auto 5, there's really no good time to launch it because GTA 5 is always in demand and GTA Online is always receiving updates.

Keep in mind that Rockstar has not officially announced any remasters of past Grand Theft Auto games at this time. The conversation about the Grand Theft Auto Remastered Trilogy is going on entirely between reporters discussing what information they've heard from insider sources. It's possible that the remastered Grand Theft Auto games don't exist, or that plans could change dramatically over the coming months.

Given Henderson's reliability, it's unlikely that news regarding the Grand Theft Auto Remastered Trilogy will be coming soon. It'd make the most sense for Rockstar to announce the remasters following Grand Theft Auto 5: Expanded & Enhanced's launch in November, in which case GTA fans could be waiting until The Game Awards 2021 if not into 2022.

The Grand Theft Auto Remastered Trilogy is rumored to be in development.

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