Legends of Runeterra: Worldwalker expansion – Release date, new cards & Path of Champions 2.0

Legends of Runeterra Worldwalker Jhin key art

Legends of Runeterra will receive a new expansion soon, introducing four new champions and plenty more. Here’s all we know about Legends of Runeterra: Worldwalker

Legends of Runeterra puts League of Legends and its huge cast of characters into a card game that’s every bit as addictive as the genre’s finest — and it keeps growing.

After the excellent Curious Journey and a second Anniversary event, Riot is showing no signs of slowing down — with a full reveal of the next expansion, Legends of Runeterra: Worldwalker, coming very soon.

Riot has promised more standalone expansions going forward, coming in all shapes and sizes. Here’s all we know so far.


Legends of Runeterra key art showing the reveal date for Worldwalker
Riot Games

Worldwalker will be revealed soon.

Is there a Legends of Runeterra: Worldwalker release date?

Worldwalker will arrive on May 25, and is likely to drop around 11 AM PT/7 PM GMT if prior expansions are anything to go by.

As with all LoR expansions, Worldwalker will be free to all players but you’ll need to unlock cards as you go.


You can check out the initial teaser trailer below, showcasing The Virtuoso, Jhin.

New champions

At the time of writing, we only know of one new champion joining the Legends of Runeterra: Worldwalker expansion roster — and that’s Jhin.

It’ll be interesting to see how the virtuoso fares in card form, and whether he’ll make use of any new keywords. Could it be a sign that more Ionian champions are joining the game? We’ve had plenty in Legends of Runeterra, but we’re still missing the likes of Rakan, Varus, Wukong, and Master Yi among others.

Jhin will mark the first “Runeterra champion” since he’s not defined by a single region. That means players will be able to build decks with rules specific to that character.

New cards

We’re expecting to see new cards via reveals on Mobalytics.gg, but we’ve not seen them yet. What we do know is that over 65 new cards are being added to the game.

Path of Champions 2.0

Path of Champions is a PvE mode that lets players build a deck through a series of encounters, and it’s getting a 2.0 overhaul when Worldwalker arrives.

In the following video, Riot committed to “remaking” the game mode to be “even more immersive and rewarding”, with campaigns specific to each champion.

Players can expect more flexibility from the new mode, and progression will be reset in that mode.

Expeditions are being removed from the game with the idea being to rework them going forward.

That’s all we know about the Legends of Runeterra: Worldwalker expansion so far, but we’ll update this page as we hear more.

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