Lego rejects yet another Zelda Hyrule Castle set in its latest product review


Lego and Nintendo might have a successful collaboration with Lego Super Mario, but fans hoping for another of Shigeru Miyamoto’s creations to make the jump to brick form today suffer another setback – as the latest Lego Ideas review rejects yet another set based on The Legend of Zelda.

The latest Lego Ideas review is live – and while another new project has been approved for release as a real, official Lego set through the process – unfortunately another Zelda set has fallen at this, the final hurdle.

The set in question is titled ‘Hyrule Castle 30th Anniversary’, and was a pretty stunning-looking recreation of the version of the iconic castle found in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It also contained Lego minifigures of Link, Zelda, and a Bokoblin, as well as brick-built figures of Ganon, Koroks, and Guardians. Link even has his Paraglider and Master Cycle, the latter of which was introduced in a BOTW DLC.

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