Lego Teaser Shows Off A Giant Mario Question Block

Lego has released a teaser video featuring nothing more than what appears to be a giant Mario question block in a poorly lit room.

Fortnite might hold the title of crossover king in the pop culture world, but Lego was doing it decades before Epic even thought up the idea for its own Funko Pop style battle royale. One of the biggest indicators that a series or franchise has truly made it is when its elements or characters are immortalized in Lego, something Nintendo has finally been able to brag about recently.

Mario took Lego form for the first time in the summer of 2020 and was joined by his brother Luigi a year later. The famous brothers will also be getting a Bowser's airship to traverse sometime soon, and that might well be what Lego is officially teasing on Twitter.

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Lego posted a short clip on Twitter today showing off a giant question block, something not previously revealed as part of the growing Lego Mario collection. The caption simply reads “we've got a question for you,” but neglects to offer up anything more in the way of information. Whether the next set will simply be a big question block made entirely of Lego, or if something, or perhaps someone, is waiting inside.

There are any number of characters or elements from the Mushroom Kingdom that could be waiting inside the box, of course. Princess Peach, Wario, maybe even Bowser so he can captain the incoming airship. Maybe Waluigi is about to take Lego form. If the oft-forgotten Mario character becomes Lego before he is playable in Super Smash Bros. then Nintendo might well have some angry fans on its hands.

There has been plenty of big Lego news already this year, in both brick and video game form. The arrival of Luigi last month, and Lego's first-ever LGBTQ+ set was released to celebrate Pride Month. As for games, an all-new trailer for Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga debuted at Gamescom. It was also revealed that the game, which will let fans play through all nine movies, will launch in Spring 2022.

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