Little Nightmares is Free on Steam

Little Nightmares

If you’re looking for something free to play this weekend, and Company of Heroes 2 isn’t to your taste, you can pick up Tarsier Studios’ horror games Little Nightmares on PC via Steam. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, Little Nightmares, players assume the role of a girl named Six who is trapped in a prison called The Maw. Six’s mission is to escape while avoiding some truly terrifying things that want to harm her.

The game won critical acclaiming taking home several awards at The Games Awards 2016 for Best Independent Game. It also won four BAFTA Awards for Original Property, Game Design, Artistic Achievement, and Narrative. We liked Little Nightmares when we reviewed it, and it’s definitely stuff worth picking up.

The game also spawned a sequel that released earlier this year and was also pretty good. If you’re planning on playing Little Nightmares 2, you should probably download the first one if you have access to a PC that is capable of running Steam. After all, it’s free, and that’s a price that’s hard to beat.

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