Logan Paul Returns to WWE, Has Confrontation With Kevin Owens

Logan Paul is no stranger to the WWE, and the social media influencer and celebrity boxer recently made a big return. During a segment from the most recent edition of SmackDown, Paul interrupted a back-and-forth between two superstars to make his big return.

When the WWE was in Tampa Bay for Wrestlemania 37, Logan Paul made his Wrestlemania debut in a match between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Paul was Zayn's "guest of honor" at the annual wrestling event, but the YouTube star wound up congratulating Owens in the end for winning the match on the grand stage. After a cordial celebration, Paul was surprised by a stunner from Owens that left Paul laid out in the ring.

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Doubtlessly scorned from his last interaction with Kevin Owens, Logan Paul made a return to the WWE during SmackDown this week as Happy Baron Corbin's special guest. Corbin announced Logan Paul before his theme music hit, proclaiming him as a social media mega-star and the man who went the distance with Floyd "Money" Mayweather in a boxing match. Corbin then shot up out of his seat to applaud the special guest as WWE fans were greeted by his entrance music.

Before Logan Paul entered the ring, Baron Corbin teased Kevin Owens and his history with Paul. The social media influencer skipped before running to the ring wearing a yellow Maverick Athletics shirt and a $penn baseball cap. Paul was quick to thank the WWE fans for the warm reception, despite receiving a mixed reaction from the live audience in Jacksonville.

Entering the ring, Logan Paul playfully punched Happy Corbin's midsection as the wrestler flexed. The cheerful celebration was over shortly as Paul addressed the sports entertainer who stunned him at Wrestlemania. Logan Paul thanked Kevin Owens for having him on the latest episode of the KO Show, to which Owens responded that he didn't have a chance.

Kevin Owens tried to get between Corbin and Paul by bringing up harsh words that were exchanged at this year's Summerslam, but this tactic didn't work. Corbin and Paul laughed off their previous issues and discussed their time watching Jake Paul fight Tyron Woodley in a boxing match over the weekend. After this trick didn't work, Owens began throwing harsh words at Paul in order to garner a reaction.

Happy Baron Corbin suggested that Logan Paul could help him in a financial dispute with Kevin Owens, and after the exchange, the boxer offered Owens $100. Paul and Owens got into a shoving match before Corbin laid Owens out with a cheap shot and a chokeslam. Before departing the WWE ring, Paul told the winded Owens that he's "not that guy" and left the $100 on his chest.

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