Lost Ark Dark Omen skin collection: Release date & price


Lost Ark already has a plethora of skins for players to purchase in-game, but the Dark Omen collection are particularly ominous. Here’s when they will release and how to get them for yourself.

The blissful green pastures of Lost Ark‘s Arkesia are open for business and attracting players from far and wide.

Whether you’re interested in taking a jaunt out to the game‘s sunbathed islands, or taking on the realm’s fearsome Guardians, there’s a lot to do – but you’ll want to look good doing it.

Enter the all-new Dark Omen skins, a series of stunning new armor cosmetics to take your Lost Ark hero or heroine to the next level. Here’s everything you need to know to get them, as well as what they look like.


Lost Ark Database

“You can’t sit with us.”

Lost Ark Dark Omen skin collection: Release date

The Dark Omen skin collection released alongside Lost Ark’s March update on March 10 at 12AM PST / 3AM EST / 8AM GMT / 9 AM CEST.

How to get Lost Ark Dark Omen skins & prices

The Dark Omen skins are exchangeable for Royal Crystals, meaning you will have to spend real money to get them.

They are only available for a limited time until the April update goes live. So, if you want them, you’ll need to get them within this timeframe.

The prices for each package can be found below:

Packages Price (Royal Crystals) Contents
Omen Special Package 3,800 Omen Skin Selection Chest

Omen Weapon Skin Selection Chest

Ghost Horse Selection Chest

Wallpaper: Omen

Omen Package 2,400 Omen Skin Selection Chest
Omen Weapon Skin Selection Chest
Omen Skin Set Royal Crystals: 2,000 Omen skins
Great Horse Selection Chest Royal Crystals: 1,700 Omen Great Horse mount
Omen Weapon skin Royal Crystals: 650 Omen weapon skins
Lost Ark Database

The skins come in several different colors to suit your character’s personality.

Lost Ark Omen skins: Trailer

Thanks to Lost Ark Database, we can see all of the game’s classes don these creepy yet awesome new outfits and take to the battlefield.

The trailer shows us the skin on the Warrior, Mage, Male Gunner, Female Martial Artist, and Assassin classes in order, as well as some pretty awesome screenshots of the group standing together.

They come in four different colors: green, purple, orange, and red.

So that’s everything we know about Lost Ark’s Dark Omen skin collection, as well as how to get it. Looking for some more Lost Ark tips and tricks? Be sure to check out our dedicated guides:

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