Lost Ark players divided over Abyssal Dungeon & Guardian Raid nerfs

lost ark vertus guardian raid boss

As players hurtle towards the endgame in Lost Ark, Smilegate have decided to nerf some Abyssal Dungeons and Guardian Raids, leaving fans divided.

For most Lost Ark players, completing the main storyline is a walk in the park. The heat is truly on when you reach the endgame, gaining access to a slew of new features that will consume your every gaming moment.

While your quest to recover the Ark is relatively straightforward, it turns out that some of the endgame Abyssal Dungeons and Guardian Raids have been causing fans a bit more issue. With creatures like Achates winning out against Arkesia’s heroes, Smilegate have decided to retune some of the game’s Tier 1 and Tier 2 content.

For some, this is music to their ears, but for others, the proposed nerfs are set to ruin Lost Ark’s final stages.

lost ark achates guardian raid boss
Smilegate RPG

The mighty Achates has proven a little too much for some Lost Ark players.

Smilegate confirm future nerfs to Lost Ark T1 & T2 content

In a February 28 forum post discussing the state of both Abyssal Dungeons and Guardian Raids, community manager Roxx writes “difficulty is a hot topic when it comes to Lost Ark’s endgame content, and we’ve seen a lot of feedback around specific raids and dungeons that have left players feeling like they are more tedious than fun.

“In response to this feedback, we’ll be adjusting the difficulty of the following T1 and T2 content to make things a bit easier.”

Guardian Raid Abyssal Dungeon
Vertus Necromancer’s Origin
Nacrasena Hall of the Twisted Warlord
Flame Fox Yoho Hilderbrandt Palace
Tytalos Sea of Indolence

Some in the community have welcomed this with open arms. “I agree to nerf in Abyssal and Guardians,” writes one Korean fan on the game’s subreddit.

“You will, in time, feel tired, frustrated, and even scared of trying new raids before achieving a certain level on previous raids. Having to learn [new mechanics for a] few hours just to do Guardian Raids daily (which you step up the ladder every week or two), is in my opinion, just too much for casuals, and even veterans.”

“Please don’t get this game nerfed because you rushed to harder content,” contends another. “I’m sick and tired of hearing people complain about how difficult things get when they themselves aren’t willing to learn how to properly play the game… This game would be a ghost town by now if everyone could just breeze through all of the content. Allow yourself to feel rewarded for accomplishing something.”

Either way, Smilegate have confirmed that these nerfs “will take place during our weekly update,” meaning either way they are written in stone.

How they’ll change the game remains unseen, but until then we’ll just have to prepare ourselves for quite the grind.

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