Ludwig Believes More Twitch Streamers Will Be Jumping Ship to YouTube

Despite being one of the biggest streaming channels on the planet, there's a lot of controversy that tends to follow Twitch in its wake. The most recent fiasco involved the 24-hour digital walkout, in which both streamers and the community ceased to use the platform for a whole day, on September 1. The boycott caused Twitch viewer and broadcast numbers to drop by thousands, all in protest at users being unhappy with the way the site has handled the recent wave of community abuse known as "hate raids." With big streamers also now leaving the platform for YouTube, one content creator believes more will follow suit.

In his most recent podcast, The Yard, YouTuber Ludwig made mention of the fact that more people are going to be leaving Twitch for YouTube soon. While he didn't disclose any information, saying that he was unable to "leak" any of the details when questioned further, he did say that he was privy to some information which says that streamers will be jumping ship at some point. The mention of it occurs in the video at around the 59:02 mark.

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Already, some big streamers have migrated to the Google-owned video site. With the likes of TimTheTatMan deciding to leave Twitch for YouTube recently, not to mention DrLupo signing a massive deal as well, this could be a sign that the streaming website is in trouble. Currently, the site has around three million broadcasters, and many millions more people engaging in chats, so there may not be too much to worry about from its perspective just yet. However, with everything that's been going, Ludwig's words could cut deep, especially given his claim that he has inside information and not just speculation on his part.

It's not just the recent walkouts and the 24-hour boycott, either. The site has come under fire from its user base for some time now. Much of it relates to how the site handles the way it bans streamers. While Twitch is making changes to the way it bans users, to make things more transparent, it's clear that the company is listening to some of the backlash, but it remains to be seen exactly how it will handle these latest developments.

As mentioned, the site has already caused quite a stir among the community due to the recent "hate raid" scandal. Combined with big stars leaving, a message is being sent out to Twitch that it simply cannot afford to not heed. And with YouTuber Dr Disrespect also saying that he's suing the site over his being banned, it seems as though the tides are changing for Twitch, and it needs to do something about it.

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