Mabinogi’s NEXT: New Beast Update is Officially Live

Mabinogi, Nexon’s free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, begins the winter season with two meaningful events. Entitled “NEXT,” these two-part game updates include overhauled character growth, faster and more convenient leveling, plus revised tutorials and UI improvements during November, and the introduction of Arcana talents in December!


Blaanid, the eager Memory Spirit, has prepared a new tutorial for all Milletians, making leveling and questing in Mabinogi faster overall! And Memoir Quests have been changed to now reward you for completing Generation quests. In Mabinogi’s Masterpiece Update, Original Generation 1-3 Questline has been revamped to provide a friendly experience for new players as well as the ability to replay the quests for existing players. Mabinogi players new and old will find the starting experience even more user friendly! These updates, along with other elements such as Dan Advancement test improvements, and balance changes to Renown, Grandmaster, and Crusader skills are designed to drastically improve the early to mid-game leveling experience for all Milletians.

Memoir Rewards

  • Comfortable Growth – The perfect path to growth is Blaanid’s Brave Boost, which will grant you:
    • Skills trained by Talent
    • Upgraded and Reforged Memorial weapons
    • Pet & Doll Bag Support
    • and more!
  • Essential Skills & Benefits – Blaanid prepared even more gifts for new Milletians!
    • Your stats are increased as each Memoir Book is completed.
      • Recall Book Stage 1~4
      • Movement Speed +2%~8%
      • All Stats +1~4
      • Additional +1~4 AP at Rebirth!

Memorial Link

  • You can obtain this skill by completing the 2nd Memoir Book in Blaanid’s Brave Boost quests!
    • Skill allows a soul connection with pets
    • Pets can be used to draw enemy aggro
    • As pets increase in level and skill, pets and player Defense and Protection stats increase proportionally

In addition to the above improvements, Quests have been reorganized, only displaying essential quests now, and skill training has also been improved – less training points are required and more EXP is earned to quickly achieve high ranked skills. Lastly, Mabinogi has removed CP Training, meaning monster levels are no longer relevant for your training requirements. Other changes, such as teleporting to Moon Gate and Mana Tunnels, were improved in this update to make it more convenient for new and returning players to traverse the world map.

In part two of the “NEXT” update coming in December, Mabinogi unveils a new pair of Hybrid Talents, merging two talent styles into a single devastating package! Get ready to experience the almighty power of the Elemental Knight or the soulful skill of the Harmonic Saint when the Arcana update arrives later in December!

These reasons, and many more, are why your “NEXT” MMORPG should be Mabinogi!

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