Mad Max 2 game is or was in development at Avalanche Studios

Mad Max key art
Mad Max could be getting a new video game (pic: Warner Bros.)

Evidence has emerged that Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios were working on a sequel to Mad Max, but it’s unclear if they still are…

Considering what a massive influence the movies have had on the concept of a post-apocalyptic world, it is strange that there’s only ever been one big budget game based on Mad Max.

There was a little known NES game back in 1990, and a SNES sequel that had to be renamed to Outlander because the publisher lost the licence, but the only adaptation worth talking about is the 2015 game by Just Cause and Rage 2 developer Avalanche Studios.

Although a little formulaic at times, the game was generally well received and seemed to be at least a minor hint, but there’s never been any hint of a follow-up, until the tweet below was spotted by fans.

Before times, at @AvalancheSweden in New York, when O’Neil invited me to get scanned to be in Mad Max 2, as a rebel. The magic of #photogrammetry, 3D Scanning, & many cameras @MadMaxGame.

— WENDY W FOK | 霍渭瑜 (@W_W_F) February 7, 2022

The tweet shows digital researcher Wendy W. Fox at Avalanche’s New York offices, having her face scanned using photogrammetry cameras, for what she describes as ‘Mad Max 2’.

The photo was apparently taken before the pandemic but other than stating that her face would have been used for a ‘rebel’ character there’s no information on what the game is and whether it’s still in development.

It is possible she may have been mistaken about what game she was been scanned for, as Avalanche also worked on the Mad Max-esque Rage 2. However, that was released in May 2019 and so unless she’s underplaying how much earlier this was before the pandemic started, it doesn’t seem likely that it was that.

3D scanning technology was not used for the original Mad Max, in fact its poor quality character models were a notable flaw, so it does make sense that it would be something that Avalanche would want to improve in a sequel.

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There’s also recently been talk of a new Mad Max film, a prequel focusing on the Furiosa character from Fury Road, that’s supposed to start production this year.

That would certainly be a good reason to start work on a new game and while the tweet doesn’t make any claim that the sequel is still in development – so it could have been cancelled – it’s certainly enough to remain hopeful.

Avalanche is currently working on Xbox console exclusive Contraband for Microsoft but they’re big enough to have two major games in production at once, with the original Mad Max releasing the same year as Just Cause 3.

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