Magic: The Gathering’s New Werewolf Set Will Bring Back Double-Faced Cards

Ten years ago, Magic The Gathering first introduced double-faced cards into the game with Innistrad, the first set in the massively popular card game's self-titled Innistrad block. Since the set's release in September of 2011, double-faced cards have become a staple part of Magic The Gathering with most of the game's sets including double-faced cards in some capacity. Now, as the game prepares to return to Innistrad, double-faced cards are coming back with a new twist catered to the set's werewolf theming.

During the recent Magic Showcase 2021, Wizards of the Coast detailed the next set that would be coming to one of the biggest card games in the world, Innistrad Midnight Hunt. The upcoming set features a return to the gothic horror-inspired plane of Innistrad and its plethora of classic monsters ranging from vampires to werewolves. Now, with the newest set only a few days away, Wizards has revealed a new mechanic coming to the game's iconic double-faced cards.

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Magic: The Gathering's return to Innistrad will revolve around the introduction of a day-and-night cycle within the game. Various cards throughout the set will feature different effects based on the time of day within the game, determined by the spells a player casts during their turn. The game will shift to night if a player casts no spells during the turn while casting two or more spells in a turn will shift the game to day.

Going along with the set's day-and-night cycle is the newest gameplay mechanic that will accompany the set's double-faced cards: Daybound and Nightbound. Daybound and Nightbound cards will be able to flip themselves over at the start of the turn. based on the time of day. The double-faced cards will feature transformations for the characters based on the set's theming around werewolves, with Daybound forms being human and Nightbound taking on a more beastly form.

This has been big for Magic: The Gathering. July's Adventure in the Forgotten Realms saw two of the biggest fantasy franchises in Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons teaming up to unite the iconic series. The franchise's successful online platform. Magic: The Gathering Arena, finally came to mobile devices earlier this year in March. Netflix is also developing a Magic: The Gathering animated series that is currently set to release sometime in 2022.

The future looks bright for Magic: The Gathering as the almost 30-year-old card game titan continues to push new boundaries.

Magic: The Gathering – Innistrad Midnight Hunt will release on September 16th for Magic: The Gathering Arena and Magic Online with the physical release to follow on September 24th.

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