Major GTA Online Update Coming August 11

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The Los Santos Summer Special.

The newest update to GTA Online is called the Los Santos Summer Special, and it will be arriving with a whole host of goodies on August 11.

The update includes cool bling such as new co-op missions that can be launched from your Super Yacht to the Open Wheel Races that players can now embark on. Galaxy Super Yacht owners will be able to try out new missions either alone or with up to three other 'shipmates', which will include everything from deep-sea diving to "high-speed hi-jinks on the high seas".

If the pirates life is not for you, players can take to the streets and fight it out in Business Battles, where they can get some rewards for being good at their job, which is nice. The Diamond Casino & Resort will also see players utilize new Adversary Modes that will be taking place at the Diamond Casino & Resort, which I'm sure will come as a surprise for those reprobates who frequently engage in wanton mayhem and destruction in GTA Online.

There will also be more than a dozen new vehicles to purchase, which includes rides for Benny to customize and tinker with, "off-roaders, tunable sports cars and a pair of new Open Wheel beauties." Players will be able to ride their new rides in new Open Wheel Races, or even design their own street circuit with the newly-included Open Wheel Race Creator.

As always, there's also a bunch of general improvements and fixed that players will enjoy, as well as weekly special events and bonuses that players can take part in over the next few months after the Los Santos Summer Special lauches on GTA Online on August 11.

What do you think of this news? Do you or have you played GTA Online? Does this update make you want to come back (or continue) playing it? Let us know in the comments!

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