Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope levels up with a dash of Mario Galaxy

Ubisoft has today unveiled a feast of fresh Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope gameplay footage, showcasing its intriguing new settings, characters and chaos.

This sequel to the excellent Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle takes place in a “whimsical” and gorgeous new galaxy, that’s a curious blend of both Mario Galaxy and Rabbids universes. Within its orbit float worlds of autumnal colour, frozen snow and sandy beaches, like a Mario Galaxy game in miniature.

The story here revolves around Cursa, a dark entity that wants to absorb this hybrid galaxy’s energy and capture the Sparks – cute creations that are a mix of Galaxy’s Lumas and the Rabbids. It’s up to Mario and his Kingdom Battle crew to save the day, now aided by Rabbid Rosalina, the punky-looking rabbid Edge, and – as we found out yesterday during the latest Nintendo Direct – Bowser himself.


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