Marvel Fans Create Breathtaking WandaVision Chalk Art

Two sets of ultimate Marvel fans came together to create a stunning art mural inspired by the Disney Plus series WandaVision. The incredible attention to detail, right down to shading and use of color, is truly as miraculous and magical as the series itself. However, this isn’t just any WandaVision fan art. The whole piece was done with chalk and their canvas was concrete. These two fans were also not an ordinary pair. A father and daughter art duo have come together to create such a stunning image, and this very fact might signal why this chalk art is so special.

The synchronicity and cohesiveness of this WandaVision fan art shared by Blushweaver, from first glance, appears as if it couldn’t possibly be done by two different artists. Perhaps it is the fact that they are relatives, but the overall tone and consistency of the artwork are pretty remarkable. WandaVision fills in the gaps as to what happened after the chaotic events in Avengers: Endgame. The series as a concept is about being forced to hide what makes you unique and different from the rest of the world in order to survive. In the case of Wanda and Vision, who try relentlessly to fit into their New Jersey suburban lifestyle, everything around them is simultaneously shifting and altering.

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The chalk art is mostly colored in black and grey, but the addition of psychedelic neon colors represents the detachment from Wanda Maximoff's reality and normalcy. This use of color starts to take up and crawl across the characters' faces in the chalk art, instilling the intrusive nature of illusions and time warps. The duo drawn up in chalk appears on the outside as your average, stereotypical suburbia husband and wife trope. Behind them, the fans have sketched up their white picket fence house as the background.

My dad and I chalked this WandaVision over the weekend from

Streaks of blood-red and purple seem to start inside their heads, trailing all the way down the end of the piece. This is a clever way to represent Wanda’s power of telekinesis and the ability she has to alter reality itself. When doing some digging, it seems the conversations in the comments section about this chalk art suggest that it may have been submitted in a contest of some sort. The daughter of the dynamic duo responded to another chalk art done by a different artist of whom they also happen to be big fans.

The other Adult Swim and cartoon-inspired chalk art were revealed in the comments to have won an award for best use of color. The colors in the cartoon-filled chalk art were everywhere, taking up the majority of the space. In opposition, these WandaVision fans were very intentional about their use of color and it served a symbolic purpose. The idea of a Marvel chalk art contest for the summertime sounds like the perfect pastime, especially if these two artists will be drawing something up.

WandaVision is now available on Disney Plus.

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Source: Blushweaver/Reddit

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