Marvel’s Avengers Fan Concept Suggests Interesting Traversal Mechanic for Spider-Man

Marvel's Avengers has just recently released its substantial War for Wakanda expansion and has achieved its first anniversary of exciting post-launch content. But with Black Panther added to Marvel's Avengers' growing roster, the game's fan community is yet again looking ahead to future content. Particularly, players want to know more about the debut of an iconic, PlayStation-exclusive wall-crawler.

Spider-Man's DLC tease has left fans anticipating the character's arrival for a lengthy period of time, though it appears as though fans might see the character sometime soon since he was recently confirmed to be releasing this year. All-Father Designs, an avid conceptual enthusiast in the Marvel's Avengers community who shares their thoughts and designs for skin cosmetics and mechanics that they would like to see implemented into the game, has since considered what Spider-Man's traversal might look like.

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All-Father Designs suggests that Spider-Man's web-swinging could be designed similarly to the web-swinging mechanic that is used in associated LEGO games, such as LEGO Marvel's Avengers. As such, All-Father Designs argues that Spider-Man's web-swinging would be based on an "auto/cloud based system" that would enable players to swing throughout open environments without web-lines having to viably connect to anything. All-Father Designs promotes this mechanic for Marvel's Avengers because, despite a potential disruption in immersion, they believe that "fun is more important than realism."

Marvel's Avengers fans are conflicted when it comes to this mechanic, perhaps because it would indeed break immersion. One fan reluctantly agrees, stating that they would prefer a LEGO Marvel's Avengers approach rather than having Spider-Man's traversal feel like a facsimile to zipline traversal that characters such as Black Widow or Clint Barton have. This would ultimately reduce Spider-Man's traversal capabilities to web-zipping from lamppost-to-lamppost or to individual ledges, negating the character from web-swinging freely.

Because of Marvel's Avengers' open environments that precede underground AIM facilities and other regions, All-Father Designs refutes the possibility fans have considered of "building-connected, physics based swinging". Other fans have suggested mechanic adaptations from other Spider-Man games, such as the extensive and fast-paced web-zips that players can perform in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Each Marvel's Avengers character travels distances at an arguably equal pace, however, which would deny Spider-Man from being able to launch great distances as quickly as he can in his own single-player installments. Either way, fans such as All-Father Designs clearly enjoy speculating about the character. It will be interesting to see what his traversal animations will be comprised of when he eventually launches in Marvel's Avengers.

Marvel's Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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