Marvel’s Avengers Introduces The Villainous A.I.M. In New Trailer

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Marvel’s Avengers will finally be here at the beginning of next month. The game will follow the core group of the your favorite Avengers, with more to follow, including Spider-Man if you’re in the PlayStation ecosystem. Like all comic stories, you need a good villain, and today we get a look at this games big bad in the form of A.I.M.

Advanced Idea Mechanics, aka A.I.M., are a group that rises to prominence after the A-Day disaster and superheroes are outlawed with the intent of creating an alternative. In the trailer below, Director Shaun Escayg and others talk about in length about the group and how they oppose the Avengers, and the thought process in designing them for the game. If you are familiar with the comics, you know the organization isn’t what it seems, as well as who leads it.

Marvel’s Avengers will release September 4th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia, with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X ports coming later. We’ve got a few things that’ll be helpful to know about the game before you get it, and you can read that through here.

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