Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Won’t Have any DLC or Microtransactions

It’s perhaps no secret that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was in development at Eidos Montreal. What was surprising after its official reveal is that it’s a single-player action adventure title with AI squad-mates and choice-based gameplay. Considering the studio’s involvement in Marvel’s Avengers and Square Enix as publisher, it was expected to have some kind of live service element.

As it turns out though, it doesn’t have any DLC or microtransactions. This is according to executive narrative director Mary DeMarle who told Stevivor that “There isn’t going to be any DLC for this game. There isn’t going to be any microtransactions. That’s because, for us, it’s very important that on day one, when players get this game, they can have access to everything there is about this game and to experience it.

“Right off the bat, they can get all of the costumes or outfits that are available, they can find all the abilities as they progress through the game. It’s all there.” While this does mean no opportunities for monetization, it does make you wonder if non-paid DLC will be added post-launch. After all, People Can Fly touted no live-service elements for Outriders but later discussed what potential post-launch expansions could look like. Even if Eidos Montreal doesn’t go the expansion route, it could add additional costumes and new features down the line.

For the time being, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is slated to release on October 26th for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC. Keep an eye out for additional details until then.

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