Marvel’s Spider-Man PC – a patch or two away from perfection

Developer Nixxes patched Marvel’s Spider-Man a couple of hours before embargo on Wednesday, setting back our PC tech review, but the update was worth it and while a little more polish is required to get the game fully into shape, the release you’ll be playing today definitely hits the spot. We’ve already covered the PC version in broad brush strokes, but today we can get a little more granular and offer up our optimised settings for delivering the best balance between performance and fidelity.


Also impressive is how the in-game options menu actually works. Pause the game at any time and any tweaks you make are instantly deployed, allowing you to see the changes you’ve made in real-time. In a world where some problematic PC titles don’t do this and can even require you to restart the game, this is excellent. On paper, all of the things I’ve praised here should be standard and second nature to PC developers but unfortunately that’s not the case. Where Nixxes excels is where ports like Elden Ring, Final Fantasy VII or Halo Infinite flounder, sometimes spectacularly so.


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