Marvel’s Spider-Man PC: why we aren’t posting our review today

The embargo for the highly anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered lifted today and you may be wondering where the Digital Foundry coverage is – we received the game a while back along with most other outlets. Well, the truth is that developer Nixxes is still hard at work with the game, patches are still incoming (the latest arriving a few hours ago) and we’re intent on delivering coverage that accurately reflects the state of the game you’ll be playing on day oneas best as we can manage. Right now, the port is looking exceptionally impressive in many regards but to briefly sum up, it plays brilliant on higher-end PCs, it also works very nicely on Steam Deck, but we’ve experienced some problems with low to mid-range GPUs. In fact, the very latest update to the game seeks to address those very issues – with some success.


Taking a more global look at the conversion though, there’s much to commend Nixxes’ efforts. The game supports all aspects ratios we could test, from the 16:9 of most modern screens to the 21:9 and 32:9 ultra-wide variants, the 16:10 of Steam Deck and even 4:3 for those interested in an old-school CRT experience. On top of this, there’s adjustable field of view support too.


Per other Nixxes titles, there’s also fullscreen and exclusive fullscreen support – and it is properly implemented with resolutions and refresh rates independent of what the desktop is configured to. It sounds mundane, but these things matter. Of course, unlocked frame-rates are supported, but for those with less capable PCs, the half refresh rate v-sync mode actually works properly with consistent frame-pacing (not on Steam Deck though – use the system level option for that) while dynamic resolution scaling is also implemented, with a configurable frame-rate target. Targeting a locked, consistent 30fps or 60fps experience is made that much easier.


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