Metro Exodus Gets PS5 and Xbox Series X+S Ports; New Metro Game in Development for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X+S

metro exodus

Publisher Deep Silver and developer 4A Games have announced next-gen ports for Metro Exodus.

Metro Exodus is coming to Xbox Series X+S and PlayStation 5 sometime next year, alongside the news that the next Metro game (first announced last year), is being developed for Windows PC, Xbox Series X+S, and PlayStation 5.

The next-gen port of Metro Exodus will bring “major enhancements” like a higher resolution, better framerates, quicker loading times, and even ray tracing support. If you own Metro Exodus on Xbox One or PS4, you’ll get the upgrade to the next-gen version entirely free.

The new Metro game is being made alongside a “complete overhaul” of the 4A Games engine and renderer, with a focus on taking full advantage of the new hardware to include better performance, load times, ray tracing, and more.

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